“The Sixth Sense” of Marketing: Using Predictive Analytics to See the Unseen

“I see dead people.” – Cole Sear, The Sixth Sense

Much like the chilling revelation young Cole Sear shares in The Sixth Sense, marketers are now discovering their own ability to see the unseen through predictive analytics. It might not be about spotting ghosts, but it’s about visualizing patterns, behaviors, and trends that were once invisible.

1. Understanding Predictive Analytics

“I want to tell you my secret now.” – Cole

Just as Cole had a secret, so does modern marketing. The secret is predictive analytics. At its core, it’s about utilizing data to predict future outcomes based on historical data. For marketers, this means forecasting consumer behavior, sales trends, and marketing outcomes.

2. How It’s Changing Marketing

“People see what they want to see.” – Malcolm Crowe

Before the rise of analytics, marketers often based decisions on intuition or incomplete data. But just like Dr. Malcolm Crowe realized there’s more than meets the eye, marketers are now understanding that there’s much more beneath the surface. Predictive analytics offers a deeper understanding of customer behavior, allowing for more precise targeting and strategy development.

3. Spotting the Unseen Patterns

“Do you know why you’re afraid when you’re alone?” – Cole

Just as Cole can see ghosts that others can’t, predictive analytics lets marketers spot hidden patterns in consumer behavior. This “sixth sense” allows businesses to anticipate consumer needs, refine targeting strategies, and even predict upcoming trends before they become mainstream.

4. Making More Informed Decisions

“Every time I go to a new place, I have a feeling. An old feeling.” – Cole

In the film, Cole’s ability gives him insights into the past. Similarly, by looking at past consumer data, marketers can make more informed decisions about the future. Instead of guessing or relying on gut feelings, predictive analytics provides tangible insights that guide strategies and decisions.

5. Enhancing Personalization

“All the other times, you just look.” – Cole to Malcolm

Remember when Cole revealed to Malcolm that he has been dead the entire time? It’s a moment of intense personal revelation. In the same vein, predictive analytics allows brands to personalize their marketing to such a degree that customers feel it’s tailored just for them.

6. Challenges in Predictive Analytics

“Sometimes the things you think are true, turn out to be a lie.” – Lynn Sear

While predictive analytics is powerful, it’s not without its challenges. Data can sometimes be misleading, and not every prediction will turn out accurate. It’s crucial for marketers to be discerning and to continuously refine their approach.

7. Embracing the Future

“I’m ready to communicate with you now.” – Cole

As with Cole’s journey in understanding and accepting his ability, marketers too must embrace predictive analytics’ potential and integrate it into their strategies. It’s the way forward in understanding and anticipating customer needs in an ever-evolving digital landscape.


Predictive analytics in marketing offers the thrilling ability to foresee and act on future trends and behaviors, much like Cole’s ability to see ghosts in The Sixth Sense. By harnessing this ‘sixth sense,’ brands can revolutionize their strategies, making them more personalized, accurate, and impactful. Just remember, “Not every gift is a blessing.” Ensure your analytics are wielded wisely!