Third generation dentist James Block knows supporting the community that support you is the most important thing in business.

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Dr. James Block wanted to rework his website and brand moving away from the Rockin’ Smiles identity he’d been using since he opened his doors. We created 37 service videos, 8 testimonials and 1 culture video as well still photos from day shoot. The shoot included multiple locations around Fremont. The day of the shoot we encountered some rain, foggy conditions and other issues commun to the southern california area in late fall.

A website design by James Block for a dental clinic.
A website design for James Block and his group.


The website was built to illustrate Dr. Blocks ties to the community. This relationship was communicated through the eyes of his patients and told in their own words. Dr. Block wanted his team to be apart of the website to allow visitors to get familiar with the team members who would be treating perspective patients. The website featured custom photography and video from a local arbordium and other hiking trails. He also wanted to incorporate his active lifestyle that is shared in his community.

Image of Difference | Specialized Content

Dr. James Block is a third generation dentist located outside of San Jose in Fremont California. His grandfather and father both laid a foundation for his career path and had dental practices in Fremont. In our initial interviews he highlighted his family ties to the community and talked about how he had known many of his patients for years. Though the patient interview process many of them talked about how they were a patient of his fathers and then became patients of Dr. Block. This along with his specialized treatment of sleep apnea were what set Dr. Block apart from other dentists in the community. The culture video for Dr. Block really highlights this story and his approach to dentistry.

Custom Video

Dr. Block’s practice culture is captured in his video content highlighting his family’s generations of dental service to the community.

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Facebook ad for James Block's dentistry.
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