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Website Design

We create custom websites designed and
developed to deliver ROI.

We build more than beautiful websites. We build websites focused on drawing in traffic, encourage engagement and deliver action.

Customers can tell when you’ve invested in your website design and a professionally designed website can set you apart from your competition. Your website is often the first place a customer goes to learn more about your business. It needs to be eye catching, user friendly, fast loading with a clear message. Your website is the foundation of your digital marketing. Great design builds trust and helps convert your audience into customers. Custom photography and video speak to your brand and give customers a sense of who you are and what you have to offer.


Our website design process is available to our clients on a subscription basis at a monthly flat rate.

Our Process

We start with a consultation where we talk about your image of difference. Your business is unique with something that sets you apart from everyone else. We discuss what you’re looking for in terms of goals, design, and target audience. We plan a custom video and photo shoot that will highlight your business, services, staff, and you. This is the start of your content generation.

Next, we plan your shoot. Locations we’ll visit, what we’ll talk about and more. Multiple locations for photos and video and multiple interviews. We’re there for the day and every minute is planned. It typically starts at sunrise and ends after sundown. This content becomes the source of your digital marketing. We can use your custom photos and videos in social media campaigns, on billboards, brochures anywhere your marketing your business.

After that, our team of web development professionals begin working. Your videos are cut, and photos are edited. The writers can hear directly from you and your client testimonials to give your written content your branded voice. At the same time your website is designed and built on a development server. Then the written content is put into the wireframe.

Next, we have a meeting, or series of meetings, to finalize your website and content. The site is built so changes to design, layout and imagery can be quickly changed and managed. What may seem as a large change that could take hours or days to make sometimes only take minutes.

Finally, after the website is approved for launch we start the process of redirects and search engine optimization. This optimization step is the most vital in the launch so no loss in search engine ranking occur. You need to add tracking for web stats, customer journeys, web events, and conversions.

This is the end of your web design project, right? NO!!! You don’t know how your website will actually work, actually convert until you have your customers going through the website. Changes made before having users on your site are simply personal preference and guess work. We design and build using best practices from our years of experience. We will show and tell you these best practices. We have these discussions throughout the process and prelaunch so you’re informed of why we designed and built with specific elements and placement. This post launch process is called conversion optimization.

Conversion Optimization

If you already have a website and it’s not performing, this is a great place to start assessing if you need a new website.

The Tools

WordPress, Joomla, Wix, GoDaddy, and more, are all content management systems that many developers use to build websites because they’re user friendly and some are open source. All of these tools have their positives and negatives. The size, scope and function of the website needs to drive the system the website is built in. About 35% of websites, or more than 75 million, are built using WordPress. It’s the most popular content management system. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento and more often have plugins, components or modules that extend website functionality in an out of the box solution, simply plug and play. With extensions like Elementor, WP Bakery, and SP Page Builder websites can even give web owners control over the look and layout of their website with no coding experience. With all these choices it’s often confusing to someone who just wants a web presence for their business.

At WatermelonSeed Marketing we don’t believe in golden handcuffs. For instance, a golden handcuff is a ploy web design companies use to keep clients. They’ll use a “custom” content management system that is hosted on their server you never have access to. We don’t work that way. We believe your website is your’s, you should be able to manage it and make changes to it any time you like and it should be on a server that is dedicated only for your business. We’re always there to help make changes or updates, but It’s nice to know you can get on your site anytime and make the necessary and quick changes that can come up.












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