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What’s easier to swallow, the watermelon or the watermelon seed?

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Our Name

How We Got Our Name

It’s much easier to swallow the watermelon seed. This idea illustrates the many pitfalls of marketing, design, and communication that most marketers and clients fall into. Generally, the watermelon is a complex idea. It requires you to know all the details about it. The more details the fewer people will understand it at first glance, and often the only chance you get with a new customer is a first glance. The desire to communicate all the details to consumers overtakes the messaging, which in turn becomes lost in translation. Simplifying your message into its smallest consumable part is often the best solution. Factor out pre-existing knowledge, eliminate the complexity so that anyone who sees the message will understand it. That is the watermelon seed. This approach plants the seeds of your idea, or message, and allows for easy communication and consumption. Present the seed to your customer and watch the seed grow and bear fruit.

This concept was one of the driving principles of my mentor. Challenge yourself to condense your idea into its smallest consumable part. Straight to the point messaging that its consumable, remembered, and allows for a conversation to begin.

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With every seed we plant, our journey of growth and expansion continues, nurturing success for our clients.