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What’s easier to swallow, the watermelon or the watermelon seed?

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Our Name

How We Got Our Name

It’s much easier to swallow the watermelon seed. This idea illustrates the many pitfalls of marketing, design, and communication that most marketers and clients fall into. Generally, the watermelon is a complex idea. It requires you to know all the details about it. The more details the fewer people will understand it at first glance, and often the only chance you get with a new customer is a first glance. The desire to communicate all the details to consumers overtakes the messaging, which in turn becomes lost in translation. Simplifying your message into its smallest consumable part is often the best solution. Factor out pre-existing knowledge, eliminate the complexity so that anyone who sees the message will understand it. That is the watermelon seed. This approach plants the seeds of your idea, or message, and allows for easy communication and consumption. Present the seed to your customer and watch the seed grow and bear fruit.

This concept was one of the driving principles of my mentor. Challenge yourself to condense your idea into its smallest consumable part. Straight to the point messaging that its consumable, remembered, and allows for a conversation to begin.

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With every seed we plant, our journey of growth and expansion continues, nurturing success for our clients.

Est. 2020

Our Story

WatermelonSeed Marketing began when life, as we all knew it ended. Shortly after the pandemic started, we both found ourselves laid off with literally nothing to do. So while the world was staying home, baking endless amounts of bread, and watching Tiger King, we decided to plant this seed.

After graduating from the University of Oklahoma with a BA in Visual Communications and a minor in Art History, Charlie explored different job opportunities in his field. He ultimately found his first career home at a marketing agency in Dallas, Texas, where he spent 13 years growing professionally. Starting as a graphic designer, he gradually advanced to a website designer, marketing analysis expert, and, ultimately, the company’s Vice President. Charlie successfully wore any hat thrown his way.

Kiki graduated with an AA in Psychology with an emphasis on Child Development. After our move to Dallas, we found ourselves growing an entirely different kind of seed. Embracing motherhood came naturally as if it was my destined path. Creating schedules, organizing lists, establishing routines, and maintaining control became my personal paradise. And, of course, I used nap times for side hustles to bring in extra money. That is when I rediscovered my love of writing. Marketing myself on social media allowed me to develop my skills further and refine my voice while keeping my humor and snark, which is the essence of Kiki.

In 2015 Charlie’s company experienced sudden massive growth. They needed help in the social media department quickly. I’m sure you can figure out who they called in on an “emergency-only basis.” Yep, me. Eventually, my few hours and written sentences a week turned into a full-time career as a project manager. And that is when the professional side of the Patric team was born! Together we completely restructured the social media department. We developed new systems and simplified procedures, organized and refined tasks, and created an entire content marketing department. As a result, we expanded from a team of just me to hiring 5 others for my department, creating exponential growth for the company and its clients.

Like many others, we had dreamt of owning our own business and being our own boss, but in the busyness of life, it remained only a dream. The silver lining of 2020 is that it presented us with a completely blank slate and seemingly endless time on our hands. We possessed the necessary talent, knowledge, and skills to operate our own successful marketing agency (and knew what mistakes not to make), so that’s precisely what we did! In June 2020, at the height of a pandemic, WatermelonSeed Marketing was established.

Three years later and WSM is flourishing! We are proud to offer clients a unique marketing package that demonstrates our commitment to being a part of their team. We are not just waiting to upsell them on another package; we are the whole package! Successful marketing requires more than one approach and many different tools, and our clients should have access to it all. Witnessing their success firsthand is truly an honor, as it is also our success. We are ready to help you tend your garden and turn seeds into watermelons!

Core Values

“At our marketing company, we uphold three core values: innovation, integrity, and collaboration, which form the foundation of our approach to delivering exceptional results for our clients.”


A marketing company should embrace creativity and innovative thinking to develop unique and effective strategies that stand out in the market.


Upholding integrity is crucial in marketing, as it involves building trust with clients and customers. A marketing company should always prioritize honesty, transparency, and ethical practices.


Delivering tangible results is a key value for a marketing company. By focusing on achieving measurable outcomes and driving client success, the company can establish itself as a reliable and impactful partner.

Meet Our Team

Our talented marketing experts.

Meet our experienced marketing team who are dedicated to understanding your business goals and crafting tailored strategies to drive your success.

Charlie Patric

Dispeller of Myths and Bad Ideas

Daniel Tiller

Master of Motiff

Kiki Patric

Director of Good Times

Cody Christian

Lead Code Wizard

Claudia Taylor

Punctuation Prodigy

Taylor Girardi

Author of Awesomeness


Ready to Grow? Let’s Go!

If you’re ready to take your business to new heights and unlock its full potential, we’re here to help. Let’s start a conversation about your goals, challenges, and aspirations. Contact WatermelonSeed Marketing today to schedule a consultation with our experts. Together, we’ll craft a digital marketing strategy that drives results, propels your growth, and helps your business flourish in the digital landscape.