Legends Dental needed a complete rebranding. They wanted to include a local Waco Texas feel to the brand.

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Dr. Endsley, Armstrong and Griffey wanted a new brand identity, website and social media strategy for their dental practice, Legends Dental. We started with a consultation to get an idea of what they were needing. They were willing to give over complete creative control and the only direction they gave was they wanted a local, Waco, feel. From that consultation we started the branding process and video production. Logos were created while the video was carefully planned. On the day of the shoot we started before sunrise and shot at 10 locations for 7 testimonials, 9 services, 3 doctors and 1 culture video. This was in addition to still shots all along the way. This content became the backbone of their brand and drove the overall look and function of the website, social and digital marketing.


7 months out post launch they had an increase in social traffic of 4,060%, organic search was up 15%, direct traffic was up 61%, referral traffic was up 90%. Statewide traffic was up 177%, Waco traffic was up 111.15%. This all translated into an increase in phone calls of 162%

Legends Dental Waco website design for a dental clinic.
A website design for a construction company specializing in Legends Dental Waco.


The website featured images of local iconic locations. Patient stories and testimonials were prominent and told the story of how they perform the specific services they offered. Perspective patients were able to get a first hand story of what to expect from the moment they walk into the door to the completion of service.

Image of Difference | Specialized Content

Legends Dental is a unique practice specializing in epigenetic dentistry. This type of dentistry isn’t commonly know to the general public. Specific video and written content was created to make this information more accessible to the general public and set a real image of difference between Legends Dental and the other dental practices in Waco and the surrounding area.