Breathe Modern Dentistry needed a website redesign. They wanted to connect with their audience and attract more new patients.

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Below are project elements, layouts, photos and videos.


screencapture devwsm breathe 2023 06 27 13 58 20


screencapture breathedentistry 2023 06 27 11 42 16

Redesigned Mobile Menu

The menu on Dr. Smith’s site was to long for users to even see their services and contact information for patients. We redesigned this for him making it much more user friendly. These types of changes help improve user experience through our process of that is called conversion optimization.

This is what users see on their mobile device.

GREEN = size of a smartphone.
RED = need to scroll.


breathedentistry mobile menu before


breathedentistry mobile menu after

Patient Testimonials

Dr. Smith understood the power of testimonial video for his practice.

Kevin – Clear Aligners

The homepage of a website featuring Breathe Modern Dentistry with a picture of a man in a suit.

Christi – Orthodontics and TMJ Treatment

The modern homepage of a woman's website.

Custom Video

Dr. Smith understood the power of custom video for his practice.

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Social Media Marketing

Every piece of content has a specific purpose and target audience.
A Facebook ad showcasing Breathe Modern Dentistry with a horse and a woman.
What's the stripe in Breathe Modern Dentistry's facebook ad?
Breathe Modern Dentistry's essential guide to implants on Facebook ad.
Screenshot 2023 06 27 at 12.42.55 PM

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