Dr. Kevin Pollock needed a complete rebranding for his practice caused by a split with his business partners.

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Dr. Kevin Pollock is an oral and maxillofacial surgeon in Rockwall Texas. For years he practiced with a couple of associates and business partners. The time came for the partnership to dissolve and Dr. Pollock needed a new brand, website and strategy for his practice. Through the transition period we consulted with the splitting of marketing assets of the former practice. This included website, social media presence, backlinks, listings, videos, tracking numbers and more. During that process we started work on their new web presence. We started with a custom video and photography shoot that generated the content necessary to rebrand his practice.The shoot yielded 9 testimonial videos, 11 service videos and 1 culture video. Campaigns for their One Day Smile treatment were created and supported by custom video, before and after photos and other related content. This treatment was for patients looking to replace both upper and lower teeth and receive a brand new smile.



Dr. Pollock launched his website during the COVID-19 outbreak of 2020. His practice was closed to the public and only open one day a week for emergency procedures. Despite that closure and loss of access to his services he still experienced positive statistical gain in organic, social and direct channels.


Dr. Pollock is a proud Rockwall business owner of 19 years. He felt that it was important to live in Rockwall and serve his community not only through dentistry but also in his church, boy scouts, and other charities. He loves Rockwall and he wanted to include places within Rockwall that would be easily recognized by residence. His patient testimonials and service videos are displayed prominently on the home page as well as service pages throughout the website. He wanted to be featured prominently as the community doctor that was accessible for Rockwall citizens. His service pages were all designed to be deployed in campaigns. They included videos, testimonials, custom written content, before and after photos and relevant blogs.

Image of Difference | Specialized Content

Rockwall Oral Surgery’s image of difference is the long standing relationship Dr. Pollock has with the community of Rockwall. He has kids that went through elementary, middle and high school with many Rockwall residence and through those relationships the community got to know him. He is a trusted oral surgeon in the community and helped multiple generations of families in the community. These relationships and his status in the community are what set him apart from other business in the community.

Rockwall Oral Surgery website design.
A website design for Rockwall Oral Surgery, a dentist's office.

Custom Video

Dr. Kevin Pollock used the power of custom video to illustrate his long standing in the community of Rockwall making him easily relatable, understood and trusted by his patients.

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