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Frequently Asked Questions

How WatermelonSeed Works.

WatermelonSeed uses a monthly subscription format. Your subscription includes any service offered by WatermelonSeed. We work with our clients to create a marketing plan that fits their goals and the services needed to achieve them. Pivoting your scope of work, as we get results, is easy and provides our clients the best use of resources.

Monthly Subscription

We help our clients set a monthly subscription based on their goals and budget. The minimum subscription is $1000 per month and the average subscription is $3500 per month. Your subscription creates a specific amount of work hours each month. Each month you receive a breakdown of how the time was spent from our team. As long as the hours are close to your subscription you’re fine. If you’re consistently over time we can modify your subscription or scope of work.

Know your Team

Your marketing director is your point of contact inside WatermelonSeed. Regardless of the services you receive as part of your subscription they are your constant point of contact. Your marketing director works with our team to plan your strategy and execute.

Work Schedule

Project management, hour tracking and communication happens using our online management system. We keep you up to date with weekly or bi-weekly status meetings. In these meetings we discuss expectations, collaborative planning, and upcoming needs.

Results Driven Decision Making

Your marketing director is an expert at putting all the puzzle pieces together. They have a clear idea of how to measure success and what that will look like. We lay out how our marketing efforts are performing and adjustments that can be made to improve results.

What is an example of a typical scope-of-work?

Every business has different marketing needs. Frequently used services on a specific project can include website design, website management, copywriting, graphic design, social media management, email marketing, search engine optimization and digital campaign creation. All subscriptions include strategy, planning and project management.

Why not just pay for services as I need them instead of committing to a subscription?

A healthy marketing strategy is built on a foundation that involves multiple digital marketing services. As an example, generating written content published to your website without optimizing that content is a missed opportunity. Subscription based pricing allows our clients to have access to all of our digital marketing services. This creates more of an on-demand model that allows WaltermelonSeed to respond quickly to client needs without having to generate one off charges. This model typically results in a savings of up to 50% on single service pricing models. The subscription based model gives WatermelonSeed clients a consistant team that can create and maintain your big picture strategy. It also results in a team that’s familiar with your business, brand, services and products.

What happens if I need more hours than my subscription includes in a month?

If planned work in a single month is estimated to exceed the subscribed hours your WatermelonSeed marketing director will point this out in advance and discuss shifting some of the work to the following month or provide an estimate for the cost of the additional hours to complete the work. Our team typically finds a way to make it fit your subscription and avoid extra billing.

Some clients will have large amounts of the work “front-loaded” in the first few months of their subscription. This workload typically drops to a lower ongoing level after that startup time period. This is common for clients who have video and photography projects with a website design. If the total number of hours is significantly higher in the first few months WatermelonSeed may require a 12-month committment to subscription.

Is there anything that is not included in the subscription?

Additional purchases of products or services on your behalf outside of your WatermelonSeed subscription are billed directly to our clients by those vendors. Those costs can also be factored into the subscription if necessary. Examples of these types of costs are Google Adwords or social media campaigns, TV or radio ad buys, printed materials, or technology licenses.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time after the initial term with a 30-day written notice to your marketing manager. Most subscriptions have a initial term of 3-6 months and continue month-to-month.