Dr. Kelley Mingus wanted a new website and custom strategy that easily communicated his highly specialized epigenetic dentistry services.

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A logo featuring Kelley Mingus with a blue and black color scheme.

At the end of 2019 Dr. Kelley Mingus wanted a complete redesign of his website. We started with an investment in new video and photography content. This content became the foundation of of the look and feel for the new website. Dr. Mingus gave us the general direction that he didn’t want to be the star of the website. He also gave us complete creative control over the design and layout of the site. His video and photography was all shot in one day in and around Bend Oregon. The shoot yielded 20 service videos, 9 testimonial videos and 1 culture video. We took the testimonial videos and made them the highlight of the specific service page they had completed with Dr. Mingus. The pages were all designs to be deployed in any type of campaign they wanted to run. There were also many tracking elements added to the site to track customer journey, phone calls, video views, and more.


Dr. Mingus’s new website launched February 20 of 2020. There were many positive indicators for how the website was being used and the effect our optimization efforts were having on their web presence. If the first 3 months they experienced:

  • Organic users was up 402%
  • Organic sessions were up 343%
  • Social users were up 738%
  • Social sessions up 710%
  • Direct users up 133%
  • Direct sessions up 132%
  • Overall a 372% increase in new users.
  • Overall a 24% increase in average session duration.
  • Overall a bounce rate was down 93% to 4.24%.
  • Overall page views were up 137%.
  • Sessions from Oregon were up 142%.
  • New Users from Oregon up 186%.
  • Users from Bend were up 116%
  • Session from Bend were up 83%
  • Average session from Bend up 23%.
  • Over 10,000 video views.
  • A 100% increase in phone calls.


Kelly Mingus website design.


A website design created by Kelley Mingus for a group of people.


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The website featured images of their team in well know Bend Oregon locations. The culture of Bend is very interesting and centers around outdoor activities. The have many artistic sculptures, mining equipment and signage around town. These elements became the backdrop of their visual content. Their interaction with each other illustrated with company culture and gave us a glimpse into the good natured, caring and attentive approach their office took when caring for patients.

Patient stories and testimonials became the prominent page elements and told the story of how they perform the specific services they offered. Perspective patients were able to get a first hand story of what to expect from the moment they walk into the door to the completion of service.

Image of Difference | Specialized Content

Kelley Mingus specializes in epigenetic dentistry. This is a type of dentistry that grows bone and moves your jaw into a more comfortable position. This type of procedure opens the airway and helps with TMJ and sleep apnea issues. Patients telling their experience with this type of dentistry was the best way to communicate how the procedure worked and the results you would expect from treatment. This type of dentistry is something unique to Bend and Oregon in general. There are few doctors that practice this type of dentistry in the United States.