Dr. Jack Peterson’s marketing includes analysis of their customer journey from digital ads to multiple web visits and conversions along the way.

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Dr. Jack Peterson

Dr. Peterson has been a client I’ve worked with for over 10 years. Through those years we have gone through 2 website redesigns, shot and produced hundreds of videos, written hundreds of blogs, and run monthly campaigns and giveaways. He has always had steady growth in organic traffic, paid web visits from social media, YouTube, and Adwords resulted in more phone calls and consults. This growth was accomplished by steady search engine optimization techniques, social media marketing, tracking, analysis and finally conversion optimization. The cycle of generating and distributing content then optimizing the website both for search and for user experience is the ideal situation you should have in marketing your business.

Examining every customer journey is the best way to optimize your website for conversion. The customer journey however, extends beyond the web. Users looking for high end procedures that cost thousands of dollars do not typically buy like they do on Amazon. These decisions take months or years to finally result in a consult and procedure. Understanding the ROI on marketing typically isn’t a dollar-in dollar-out type model. Patients often talk to family, friends and other doctors before making a final decision on weather or not to go ahead with their chosen procedure. The customer journey also extends to their visit to the office, interaction with the staff and the doctor. Understanding this customer journey and knowing where you can influence decision making is the most important part of marketing and analysis.