Telephone Tracking: The Key to Understanding Your Offline Conversions

Are you struggling to make sure your marketing efforts are resulting in real business growth? This is a common problem for business owners and marketers who rely on traditional advertising mediums, like radio, television, and print. It can be difficult to track the performance of these channels, compared to online advertising where tools like Google Analytics and other analytics platforms make it easy.

One under-appreciated aspect of offline advertising is the ability to track conversions through direct phone calls. Since many offline advertisements involve a call-to-action for potential customers to reach out by phone, businesses can leverage technology to track those calls and better understand the effectiveness of their advertising. This marketing tool is called telephone tracking.

What is Telephone Tracking?

Telephone tracking is the process of recording and tracking calls made to a business or organization from a variety of sources, including online and offline sources of advertising. By tracking these phone calls, marketers or business owners can better understand the context of those calls and the performance of their advertising.

Telephone tracking software uses a variety of methods to track calls including Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI), which is a tool that replaces existing phone numbers on a website with different phone numbers, and keyword level tracking, which uses data and insights from calls, like the customer’s location and device used to make the call, to better understand the context of the call and improve attribution.

Why Is It Important To Track Telephone Conversions?

Tracking your offline conversions is critical to understanding the full impact of your multichannel advertising efforts. Without tracking, you won’t be able to determine which channels and individual ads are driving the most calls and sales. Additionally, you won’t be able to determine which campaigns are converting best and bringing in the best ROI. This information is critical to optimizing your marketing efforts and improving your business’ bottom line.

Telephone Tracking and Local SEO Benefits

More consumers are utilizing the internet to find local products and services. As a result, businesses must improve their local search presence to be visible in local search engine results. This involves improving your website’s boost in local search engine results by optimizing your website’s meta descriptions, inserting local keywords, creating appropriate internal links, setting up NAP consistency, and maximizing Google My Business.

Telephone tracking can be used to further optimize a local SEO strategy. With telephone tracking, you can collect data on the location of callers to your business. By understanding the origin of the caller, you can better understand the potential value, and adjust your marketing strategy accordingly to boost conversions in those specific areas.

The Bottom Line

Telephone tracking is an incredibly powerful tool for offline advertisers. By better understanding the context of calls and tracking the performance of different sources, marketers and business owners can better understand their advertising’s performance, and make informed decisions on how to improve their advertising campaigns. Additionally, telephone tracking can be used to improve local SEO strategy and boost over all ROI. So, if your business relies on offline advertising, telephone tracking is a key tool that should be added to your marketing toolbox.